Our team delivers a range of fun and engaging adventurous activities at various locations on Portland. Whether you’re looking for a multi day programme, a children’s party, an adult celebration or just fancy getting out there then we can offer a tailored made experience based around your needs. We run 3 hour and 1 day sessions as well as residential programmes and guarantee an experience like no other. If its fun & adventure you’re looking for, you’ve found it! 



Explore the Jurassic coastline in a unique and adventurous setting. Climb up, Leap off and swim around the cliffs enjoying spectacular views along the way!


Problem solving

Hands on practical and fun tasks to promote good team working, problem solving and leadership skills.                                                                                                                                                



Scramble, squeeze, and slide through cracks and caves by the waters edge as you explore the endless maze of the Portland boulder fields.



Discover the hidden treasures of the Island by climbing in some of the most exciting climbing venues in the UK.                                                                      


Raft Building

Lost on the island with only barrels, poles and ropes at your disposal.  You have to build a raft that can carry you and your team whilst dealing with whatever the sea throws at you!               



A real construction challenge with wooden poles and rope lashings. Build projects include bridges, obstacle courses, catapults and freestanding flag poles.

Kayak_canoe to be cropped.jpg

Canoeing and kayaking

Whether you’re up for a journey or a splash in the sea. Get on, paddle about, jump in and journey around one of the UKs largest harbours.                             


Big Canoes

Imagine a canoe that can fit all your friends in…  now imagine if you could spend the day exploring one of the largest harbours in the UK. Well we did, and now there’s Big Canoes! All aboard!!



Navigate around with friends in one of the island’s hidden gems. Track down the targets to gain points, the more you find the more points you gain!


Price for 3 hour session (min group size 8)

Children and under 16s  £28 per person

Over 16s £45 per person

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